Chrome Extension

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chrome Extension Public Release

Amazing Affiliate Link v1.0.1 for Google Chrome has been released to the public.

Applies an Amazon Affiliate Tracking Id to Amazon webpages automatically ensuring that purchases are credited to that Associate.

By setting an Amazon Affiliate Tracking Id in the options, when a Amazon page is loaded, it automatically applies that id to its URL.  This ensures that the intended Amazon Associate gets credited with the sale.

Clicking upon the toolbar icon for this extension opens up the Amazon Deals page, so you can easily access Amazon's Deal of the Deal, Lightning Deals, and other ongoing promotions.

Also, when an Amazon page opens, focus is automatically set to the search box, if found, to simplify searching.


  • Currently, Amazon Affiliate Link only works on the domain.
  • Self-referring links do not receive credit for purchases.